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Vita Education Services’ 50th Anniversary is a major milestone for an organization that began as a few volunteers working with a small group of probationers to reduce recidivism. Over the years, our mission has expanded. We have added many other services and a professional staff, but we remain a committed Bucks County nonprofit organization. We believe in the transformative power of education and the rewards inherent in helping others learn.

Vita is woven into the fabric of our community and continues to respond to its changing needs. We hope that what inspires us will inspire you and that you will continue with Vita as a partner, a friend, a donor, or a volunteer as we move into the next fifty years.

50th Anniversary Mission Appeal

Vita Education Services provides quality educational programs that help individuals gain skills that enhance their ability to deal with real-life situations, meet personal goals and become more self-determining and self-sufficient.


$100 can provide a home library for a family learning English or resource materials for Vita teachers.

$250 can provide art supplies for a Family Literacy class or help students with transportation expenses to attend in-person classes. 

$500 can provide an educational field trip for 30 Family Literacy families or underwriting
for High School Equivalency Scholarships to cover test fees.

$1,000 can support learning materials for one High School Equivalency class or
the development of student outreach and recruitment tools.

$2,500 can support training for Vita staff and volunteers or updates to the Decisions for Teens™ workbooks and facilitator manual.

$5,000 can support the establishment of a computer learning lab to better serve
Vita’s students or the initial creation and testing of Decisions e-learning tools.

Donations received by June 30, 2022, will receive these thank you gifts:

Donations of 
$100 to $249

Set of Notecards featuring Artwork by Linda Wolfson

Donations of 
$250 to $499

The Pine Street Hotel: A History of the Old Bucks County Jail 1884-1985 by Lois R. Anderson

Donations of 
$500 to $999

“Literature” Mercer Tile

Donations of 

…or more will receive all three thank you gifts

Gallery of Photos from The Event!

Vita teachers, facilitators, and valued volunteers help clients harness the transformative power of education through programs including:

There is no charge to our clients for these programs.

Special Thanks to our Generous Sponsors*

Presenting Sponsor

Transformation Leader

Empowerment Partners

■ A Friend of Vita 
Carter van Dyke Associates
■ Ellen and Andy Happ
Parx Casino

Education Angels

■ Jay and Barbara Belding
■ Christina Blanco and Margaret Blanco
■ Dynasty Advisors LLC
Fred Beans Automotive Group
■ Shelby and Alan Gaudio 
Keystone First

Keystone Volvo
Peddler’s Village
Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia LLC
■ Beth L. Snyder, DMD
■ Tom Thomas and Tina Pappajohn 
■ John and Angela Walko

Honorary Committee*

■ Pam Byers, Chairperson
■ Dr. Elizabeth Arrison
■ Nancy Barthold
■ William G. Bentrim

■ Terry Clemons, Esq.
■ Thomas Conocenti
■ Loretta Corcoran
■ Leo F. Craig, Jr.
■ Olaf de Hoogh
■ Grace M. Deon, Esq. 

■ Karen Doman
■ William D. Ford
■ Paul Gandolfo
■ Christina Greenwood
■ Michael Harrison
■ Richard Pratt, Esq.

■ Allen H. Schwartz, Esq.
■ Rev. Pauline Sexton
■ Carter van Dyke
■ Sarah Wess, Esq.
■ Daniel Zelikovich

*as of April 5, 2022

Donors to the Mission Appeal

  • Linda Antochy
  • Laura Biersmith in honor of Ellen Happ and Eileen Shapiro
  • Diane Bradley
  • Maria Cirillolein
  • Clemons Richter & Reiss PC
  • JoAnn Connelly
  • Tom Conoscenti
  • Loretta Corcoran
  • DAS Roofing
  • Karen Doman
  • Rick Durso
  • Geoffrey and Kate Fisher
  • Ricki and Steven Fisher in honor of Maxine Katz
  • Dawn Frank
  • Tracey and Kirk Fredendall
  • Denise Gealer
  • Arlene Goetz
  • Sandra Hardy
  • Michael and Melissa Harrison
  • Jarrett Vaughan Builders, Inc.
  • Ruth Keyso
  • Juan, Dinora and Felipe Lemos
  • Mary Jane and Gerard McHugh
  • Tara McSweeney
  • Beth Meininger
  • Florence and John Mercer
  • Catherine Miller
  • Catherine Neil
  • Nicole O’Hara and Shalin Jani
  • Laura Robinson
  • Carolyn Rosner in honor of Linda Wolfson
  • Judy Schaeffer
  • Rev. Pauline Sexton
  • Anna M. Shahtz Ph.D. in honor of Linda Barker
  • Dr. Jan Solkov
  • Nancy L. Spears
  • Hilary Stephens
  • Kim Vernon
  • Linda Wolfson
  • Borys and Iryna Yefimenko

Transforming Lives...
Impacting Communities

Since 1971, Vita has impacted the lives of more than 65,000 underserved Bucks County adults and youth by helping them gain skills that enhance their ability to deal with real-life situations, meet personal goals, and become more self-determining and self-sufficient.