Annual Report

Program Summary

July, 2022 – June, 2023

Vita served 863 adults, 45 youths, and 46 families through its free literacy, ESL, decision-making and career preparation classes.


Basic Education Programs

Vita offers free instruction in the community and the Bucks County Correctional facilities to prepare adults to function effectively in their roles as family members, employees, and citizens. Last year, Vita served 673 adults and 46 families.

English as a Second Language

  • Served 316 adult learners in 20 classes, taught by professional staff, at seven sites throughout Bucks County and online.
  • Provided small group instruction and one-to-one tutoring to 62 adults, led by 19 well-trained volunteer tutors, at one site.
  • Served 46 families in Family Literacy Programs at Centennial and Bristol Township school districts.
  • Served 96 Ukrainian refugees with classes and tutoring in collaboration with the United Way, the Regeneration Church, and the Bucks County Career Link.

Literacy and High School Equivalency

  • Served 142 adults in 15 GED and Pre-GED reading, writing and math classes, taught by professional staff, at seven sites.
  • Provided small group instruction and one-to-one tutoring in reading, writing, and math to 57 adults, led by 34 well-trained volunteer tutors, at seven sites.

Decisions Programs 

Decisions is a suite of cognitive behavioral skills programs offered in the Bucks County Correctional facilities and in the community.  Vita served 190 men and women in the following programs, taught by                                                                     professional facilitators.

              • Decisions for Living tutoring and groups – Giving incarcerated adults the tools they need to make sound decisions so they can reintegrate more effectively into the community.
              • Job Readiness – Incorporates the Decisions model as it applies to re-entry of inmates to the workforce.
              • Decisions For Change – Offered to men and women on probation or parole to help individuals with the many decisions they face upon reentry into the community.

Youth Programs

Workshops focus on cognitive behavioral skills, career exploration, and employment preparation to boys and girls, ages 13 to 18. Vita served 45 youth in this capacity at the Bucks County Youth Center.