Frequently asked questions about Vita’s Literacy Programs

DGP5828How do individuals qualify for Vita basic literacy, HSE and ESL programs?
Adults interested in Vita’s programs are expected to attend an Orientation session. These sessions are held in fall, winter, and summer. Dates for these sessions are available on our website. They provide information about our programs, the steps needed to enter a program, and what constitutes success. Placement in a program is based on the goals and interests of each student, their educational needs, and their ability to fulfill program requirements.

What are the requirements of the Vita basic literacy, HSE and ESL programs?
Individuals must be at least 16 or 17 years old and not enrolled or required under state law to be enrolled in a secondary school.  They are selected on the basis of their core goals and the ability to make a commitment to 4-5 hours of instruction per week for a semester. Semesters vary in length according to the season. Students are also expected to work on assignments outside of class. Students need to have transportation and child care arrangements taken care of in order to come regularly for instruction.

What are core goals? Core goals include obtaining or retaining employment, getting a High School Equivalency (HSE) credential, pursuing further training, or entering a post-secondary institution.

What if I have an F-1 Visa?  We are prohibited by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education from enrolling foreign students with an F-1 Visa in our ESL and Family Literacy programs.

F-1 Visa Policy

What are the costs of the programs?
Vita’s programs are offered free of charge to adults interested in improving their literacy and English language skills or obtaining a HSE diploma.

How are students placed in these programs?
All students, regardless of program, are given an assessment to measure their educational levels; this determines the most appropriate placement.

Where do programs take place?
Vita programs are offered throughout Bucks County in public places such as high schools, libraries, family centers, and churches.

How is success measured?
The success of our literacy, HSE, and ESL programs is measured by advancement in educational levels and completion of core goals.