Workplace Programs

Employers stand to benefit from improving the foundation skills of their workers. The report of the National Commission on Adult Literacy in June 2008, Reach Higher, America, points out: “Low literacy skills can have a profound negative impact on the workplace. Based on a National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS) study, a projected 51% of American adults have difficulties with everyday tasks that involve literacy. Experts estimate that low literacy costs the American economy $225 billion a year in lost productivity. Improved workplace literacy can increase employees’ efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity on the job. As a result, employers experience greater customer satisfaction and process improvement, a lower incident of accidents, reduced waste, and fewer errors.”

On-site workplace education is an investment in the future. Businesses need employees at all levels who can read, write, solve problems, do basic math, and communicate effectively in English.

Vita staff provides consultation to companies:

  • to assess company needs for training
  • to evaluate employee skill levels
  • to design customized curricula and instruction
  • to deliver instruction
  • to measure the effectiveness of the training

For more information, contact Mercedes Anderson at 215-345-8322