Decisions Programs

Every day we make hundreds of decisions. These decisions affect us, our families, our work, our future. Very few people are actually taught how to make decisions, but we are all held accountable for the decisions we make.

Vita has been teaching its Decisions process to at-risk populations in a variety of criminal justice and community settings for over forty-five years. The process is based on the premise that making good decisions helps you to take charge of your life and your future, and teaches cognitive behavioral skills that empower you to do so.

About Vita’s Criminal Justice Programs

Decisions For Living (DFL) is offered at the Bucks County Correctional Facility. The facility serves as the countywide central receiving location for all persons committed to the system as either pre-trial detainees or convicted prisoners. DFL is taught in groups by professional staff or individually by trained volunteer tutors. The course focuses on challenges faced daily in jail and upon reentry into the community.

Decisions For Change (DFC) is a program for those under the jurisdiction of the Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole Department. DFC focuses on the everyday decisions that need to be made by probationers and parolees in the community.

Job Readiness is offered at the Bucks County Correctional Facility. It is taught in groups by professional staff. Participants develop a resume, practice interviewing, prepare to answer the felony question, and develop a detailed action plan to find work. The course culminates with each individual having a mock interview with a community volunteer.

Basic Literacy and GED

Vita provides Basic Literacy and GED preparation classes and groups, taught by professional staff and well-trained volunteer tutors in correctional settings and the community.