Family Literacy Visits Pennsbury Manor

Family Literacy Visits Pennsbury Manor

Above: Parents and children try writing or drawing on parchment paper with quill pens

Vita’s Bristol Family Literacy class recently had the opportunity to visit Pennsbury Manor, where students learned about the history of the manor, William Penn, and how people lived in his time. Among other things, they learned that ink was made with soot, that goose and turkey feathers were used for quills, and that William Penn would trade textiles and metal to the native Lenape in exchange for furs. They even got to see and touch preserved animal pelts.

On this occasion, there was an exhibit by an artist of Native American descent which explored the grief they felt when driven from their ancestral lands – something many of the parents said was reflected in the history of their home countries, where indigenous peoples were also displaced.

During their visit, families saw the kitchen and learned about the variety of food that people at the manor ate and about medicinal herbs that were used to treat headaches and other illnesses. The children enjoyed putting the herbs in sachets and smelling them.

Experiences like this are wonderful for our students and their families, giving them a chance to learn about the rich history of Bucks County and to connect to the community. Doing so is vital to making new homes and lives here, and we are thrilled to provide these opportunities whenever we can!