Vita Student Sekou Kamara Gains US Citizenship!

Vita congratulates Sekou Kamara on obtaining US citizenship! Originally from Liberia, Sekou settled in Bucks County and first attended Vita classes in 2007. He is employed by Amazon, working the night shift in a warehouse and studying during the day.


The tutors who have worked with him describe Sekou as dedicated and focused, with a strong work ethic and drive to learn and improve himself. Tutor Coordinator Pat Stansfield called him an eager and interested student, noting that he asked a lot of questions while preparing for his citizenship test, to ensure he understood the different levels of government and grasped things like the distinctions between state and federal elected officials. Not content with that, he learned how to find the information for himself, so that he could continue learning on his own.


Eventually, Sekou wants his wife and two sons, still in Liberia, to join him so they can build a new life together here in Bucks County. With his drive and the progress he’s made, we don’t doubt he will succeed, and in the meantime Vita will do everything we can to continue supporting him. Congratulations, we are proud to have you as a fellow citizen, Sekou!