Learning Continues Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Vita staff, teachers, tutors, and students are rising to the challenges of working, sharing, and learning from home. In an impressive effort, directors and coordinators worked to mobilize plans for online instruction and distance learning for Literacy and ESL students, expanding existing platforms and researching and evaluating new technologies. Teachers and coordinators are doing an amazing job of designing creative lessons and activities for our students to continue learning. Office staff are also continuing to work remotely to support our programs.

Student engagement. This is not an easy task, given the situation and the fact that many students are dealing with real hardships and challenges such as lost jobs, illness, and children who are also struggling with at-home, distance learning. Teachers, coordinators, and tutors are working hard to communicate and support their students through phone calls, texts, and emails. “Live” online classes are being well attended and most of our students continue to be served in a variety of learning experiences.

Unfortunately, Decisions and literacy classes and tutoring in the Bucks County Correctional Facility have been suspended, since no visitors or educational programs are permitted at this time.

Vita will continue to respond and adjust to this continuing crisis and will communicate updates on current efforts and future registrations for new students

Stay Home! Stay Safe!